September 8, 2014      03:26

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"Fighting terror" is West Pretext for Intervention: Iran's Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani

PRESSTV - A senior Iranian official has warned against the Western countries' intervention in the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Shamkhani said on Sunday that fighting terrorism must not serve as a pretext for intervention of western countries in the region. The senior official also said that the international coalition against terrorism will succeed only if it takes into account the interests and concerns of regional states. “Any regional and international coalition under the pretext of fighting terrorism without considering the regional countries’ interests and political and security considerations is doomed to failure,” he added.

Shamkhani added the presence of the United States and some Western countries in the region has resulted in the escalation of insecurity and the emergence of new terrorist groups. He further noted that Western governments are not sincere in their anti-terrorism campaign as it is evident by their measures and stances regarding the current developments in Iraq. Shamkhani also dismissed allegations over the cooperation between Iranian and the US against terrorism in Iraq, saying the nature of Iran’s anti-terrorism campaign is not similar to that of the US. In recent years, several Muslim countries including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria have become the scene of atrocious crimes against humanity by Takfiri groups.

After years of silence, in recent days, senior US officials have denounced the ISIL terrorist group in the strongest terms possible following the brutal execution of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. The US military has attacked the ISIL militants inside Iraq after earlier this month President Barack Obama authorized aerial attacks against ISIL targets in the country. The ISIL terrorists currently control parts of eastern Syria and Iraq’s northern and western regions, where they have been committing heinous crimes in the captured areas.

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